Utilize Point of Sale Module

The point of sale system in Tabletop.Events exists to help you run your registration desk in a smooth and professional manner. It allows you to check-in guests, buy badges and tickets using your guests's credit cards and/or cash.  Read on, or watch this video to see how the cash drawers system works.

Your cashiers start out by creating a cash drawer and telling us how much money was in the drawer at the start. We're not providing a physical cash register here, so you can just use a money box, a bank bag, or whatever else suits you to hold the cash. We recommend giving all the cashiers exactly the same amount of money at the start of their shift.

After they've created the cash drawer for their shift, they're ready to begin servicing customers. The can look up users by name or email address. They can scan in a badge (or type in the badge number manually). Or they can create a new user account quickly and easily just by typing in the email address of the user.

Once they've found the appropriate user they can choose that user from the list, and begin whatever transaction the user has in mind. They can quite easily see the badges a user has, as well as any tickets associated with that badge. They can change the name on a badge very quickly and easily. They can check in guests and process refunds. And they can even buy new tickets and badges by clicking on "Buy More" in the menu at the top.

If they click "Buy More" then they can add a new badge to their cart by selecting the badge they are interested in, and filling out that information.

Or they can click on the "Tickets" tab, and choose a ticket to be purchased. They can quite easily search and filter through all the events available in the system.

When they're ready to check out they click the "Cart" tab. Here they are presented with a choice between checking out using a credit card or via cash. We require the billing zip code of the user to prove they own the card.

The management staff can keep track of all the cash drawers through the financials system.

Credit Card Readers

You can use a credit card reader with the Point of Sale system. All you have to do is plug it in to a USB port, and then when you open the "Add Credit Card" form during the Point of Sale checkout process, you'll be able to swipe the card. This will allow read the credit card number and expiration date from the card for you and type them into the form field. 

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