Revoke Purchased Items

In the Financials section of Convention Tools, under Settings, you can set Refund Deadline dates for attendee purchases like badges and merchandise, and for exhibitor purchases such as booths.  TTE does not allow the refund of a purchased item once its refund deadline has passed.

Sometimes, after a refund deadline has passed, an attendee or exhibitor is unable to make it to the convention.  In such a case, you can still free up the resource in time for your convention, by revoking the item.  This means to free the convention resource without giving a refund.  Thus if you have a limited number of a certain type of badge, or a limited number of booths available, you can revoke that particular item if you know it is not going to be used, and allow someone else the opportunity to purchase it.

An item's Revoke button appears in the same place where you are used to seeing the button to Delete or Refund an item.  For example, here's what you will see for an Exhibitor's booth listing if the exhibitor refund deadline has passed:

The Revoke button only appears if the item can be revoked.  Revoking can only be done after an item's refund deadline has passed.  It can only be done with items that were purchased (not assigned or granted free of charge), and it can only be done by a convention organizer with the necessary privileges.  Regular Tabletop.Events users will never see an item's revoke option.

Items that can be revoked are badges, merch, tickets, exhibitor booths (and a booth's add-ons), and exhibitor sponsorships.

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