Getting Started Making an Event Schedule

When making and scheduling events for your convention you will need to do the following steps.

1. You will need to set what types of events you want to have at your convention and set the Maximum number of tickets for that type of event, the cost for the tickets to that type of event, the cost per ticket to that event, if any event type will need Special Requests, and if you want the event to be able to be submitted by Users, or if you will create all the events for your convention yourself. Convention Tools> Scheduling > Event types.


2. You will then Add the rooms in your Convention. 
Convention Tools> Scheduling > Rooms.

3. When you edit the details in the rooms for your Convention you will add Event Spaces at the bottom of the screen. This is usually used for listing the tables in the room you have created. When you go to schedule your events these spaces are needed. You will want to name them something that goes with the room ( Bronx hall table 1) for example.

4. Now you can start adding events to your schedule.
Convention Tools> Scheduling> Events. You will be able to add events at the bottom of the screen.
You will fill out the information about the new event then you can hit the "Schedule event" button to manually add the event to a room or you can hit "Done" and add more events to be scheduled later.

5. To manually Schedule an event you will hit the Green schedule button on your event page. 
Convention Tools> Scheduling> Events
You will then search for an open table/ Space to add that event too.

First, select a room from the drop-down menu that you want that event to be in. When you set the rooms to what events you want in those rooms the system will only show you the rooms that the events fits  in when Scheduling. You will also select a time from the listed Preferred Day Part, and Alternate Day Part. Then hit the search button to find a slot to add the event to .
Search-for-aviable-slots-for-event.png Aviable-slots-for-event.png
You can then add that event to any Open Green slot and hit Done, that event is now Scheduled.