The following are the terms you need to know to use Tabletop.Events effectively.

Auto-Schedule - Tabletop.Events can automatically schedule all unscheduled Events in your convention. You probably want to use this rather than manually scheduling all of your events.

Badge - A user will purchase this (it may be free) to gain entry to your convention.

Badge Type - A Badge Type is a collection of Badges and set the privileges associated with a badge, for example, which Days are included in a Badge. 

Day - Determines the dates of your convention. A day is the start and end of your convention. A convention may be made up of multiple days. A convention day may span multiple calendar days (for example: 10am Saturday to 2am Sunday).

Day Part - A segment of a Day divided by Slot Duration. If you define a Day as 8am to 8pm, and your Slot Duration is 1 hour then you'll have 12 Day Parts in that Day.

Event - Something happening within your convention that has a limited amount of Tickets.

Event Duration - An Event can be scheduled for anything between 30 minutes and 8 hours and span multiple Slots. See also Slot Duration.

Event Submission - A user submitted idea for an event that has not yet been approved by you and turned into an Event.

Event Type - A set of properties associated with a collection of Events. For example: Panels, Seminars, Board Games, RPGs, etc.

Group - A place where permissions are stored as to who can manage your convention.

Host / GM - A user that will run an event.

Room - A location within your Venue.

Slot -The combination of a Day Part and a Space. 

Slot Duration - The smallest unit of measurement for your events. This can be 30 minutes, 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours. If your slot duration is set to 1 hour and an event is 30 minutes it will still use a 1 hour Slot in your convention. Likewise if an event is 2 hours and you have a 1 hour slot duration, then it will use 2 Slots.

Space - A subdivision of a Room. In a Room where you hold board games your spaces will be tables (Table A1, Table A2, etc). In a Room where you're holding seminars you'll define seating sections (General Seating, VIP, Row 1, etc). You must have at least one Space per Room.

Ticket - A user will purchase this (it may be free) to gain entry to an Event.

User / Account - The information used to log in to the site.

Venue - The hotel or convention center where you will hold your convention.

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