Integrations With Other Services

Tabletop.Events is integrated with a number of other services. Here you can read about the ways in which we integrate with them.


Users can log in to our site, and therefore your convention, using Facebook. If they do we also use their profile picture as their profile picture on our site.

Google Analytics

You can track the activity on your convention pages by adding a Google Analytics code to your convention settings.

Google Maps

We use Google Maps to identify your group and convention's location in the world as well as the venue of your convention. We also display a Google Map on the front page of your convention and provide a link to Google Maps for driving directions to your venue.


If we have no other means of getting a profile picture for a user, we'll see if they have a profile picture registered with Gravatar. 


You can define a  MailChimp integration on each of your badge types. If you do, your attendees will be automatically subscribed to your MailChimp list.


If you specify a twitter handle for your group or convention, when you do something important (like opening registration), we will tweet about it to your twitter handle, alerting your followers of this activity. In addition, users may specify their twitter handle when registering. If they do we'll use their profile pic from Twitter as their profile pic on our site.

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