Event Warnings

In the event manager (Convention Tools > Scheduling > Events) you will inevitably see some warnings. You may be wondering what to do about them. This document is here to provide you with those answers!

Warning Cause Resolution
Start date misaligned. The earliest time slot assigned to this event is not set as the start time. This should normally correct itself. If you see this message, then it hasn't and you should  contact Tabletop.Events.
Spans multiple days.
An event has crossed the border between 2 or more days. Unless you run a 24 hour convention, this should never happen. You should check the slots assigned to this event and set them up appropriately. Ignore this warning if you really do want it to span multiple days.
Spans multiple spaces. An event is using more than one space within a room. In some cases for large events, such as tournaments, this is ok. If it is not ok, then remove some slots from this event. Ignore this warning if you really do want it to span multiple spaces.
Uses non-contiguous time slots. An event uses time slots that have gaps. For example, it uses a 3pm to 4pm time slot and an 8pm to 9pm time slot. This will be confusing to attendees.  Update the event schedule to use contiguous time slots.
Reporting scheduled, but not scheduled. Event has a scheduled time, and will show up in the event schedule, but it is not actually using any slots on the schedule. This means that another event could get scheduled in the slots you intended to use for this event. Reschedule this event and ensure the time slots are allocated to it.
Duration does not match time slots used. The event has a duration set that does not match up with the number of slots assigned to it. This can cause attendees to be able to create unforeseen conflicts in their schedule. If your event has a duration of 4 hours, and you use 1 hour time slots, then make sure you have 4 slots assigned to the event. Not more, not less.
Start daypart does not match the preferred or alternate daypart. This event was scheduled at a time other than its host wanted it scheduled.  Reschedule the event. If you really want the event at this time, then make sure you reach out to the event host and then you can ignore this warning.
The host is double booked during this event. The person selected to host this event is assigned to one or more events that conflict with the times of this event. Remove the host from the conflicting events.

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