Custom Domain

Our goal is to provide 100% free hosting to our conventions forever. Due to the ongoing expenses associated with assigning a custom domain to a site, we cannot offer custom domains. Here's why:

  • Due to the nature of Tabletop.Events hosting financial transactions, we must keep our site secure at all times. This means that any domain name attached to our site must have a corresponding SSL certificate. SSL certificates run between $50 and $300 per year depending upon the type. It wouldn't be possible for us to provide permanent free hosting if we had to pay for that SSL certificate.
  • For each SSL certificate you host you must have a unique IP address. This presents 2 problems. The first is that the world is running out of IP addresses. And since IP addresses have become rare, we would get charged for each IP address we wanted to assign to our servers. Therefore, we again wouldn't be able to provide permanent free hosting forever.
  • For both the IP address and the SSL certificate, there would be system administrator time to set them up and maintain them. That would cost us money and therefore we wouldn't be able to provide permanent free hosting forever. We could automate much of this work, but then that would require that our customer have some technical knowledge that we do not wish to require they have. 

Domain/URL Redirects

Instead of assigning your custom domain directly to our site we recommend using domain redirects or URL forwarding. Almost all of the DNS providers support these. Here's a list of the articles for the major DNS providers on how to do it with their service:

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