Approving Event Submissions

To approve an event submissions, you'll start by going to Convention Tools > Scheduling.

  Then, you'll click on "Submissions" in the Scheduling bar.

This will take you to the page where you'll see any pending event submissions for your convention.  You can select a specific event type to review submissions for, if you wish

You can click on "Choose" next to the submission you wish to review.


You'll then see all of the information that was included with this event submission.

At this point, you have a few options.  If you wish to approve the event, you can approve it in general by clicking on the green "Approve" button, or you can click the down arrow on that button to approve the event with a specific priority level.

You also have the option to request changes (using the comments field to indicate the changes requested), review the submission later (which changes the status of the event to "in review" and allows you to skip to the next submission for review), or decline the submission.

For any option other than Review Later, the host/person submitting the event will receive an email notification of the status change.  For request changes and decline, that email is sent immediately.  For Approve, the email will be sent after the event is scheduled.

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