Sometimes you may want to create coupon codes or discount codes for your guests to use. Maybe they have a membership to your gaming club or convention, or maybe you like to provide discounts to military veterans or senior citizens. Whatever the reason, Tabletop.Events has you covered.

To start using discounts, go into the "Financials" section of the convention tools and click on "Settings". There you'll find the option to enable the discounting system.

Once you've enabled discounts, a new Discounts menu item will appear in the Financials bar. Click on it.

Now you're ready to start creating discounts. 

The list of all your discounts will appear on the main discounts page where you created your first discount.

When your users go to add a badge to their cart, they'll now have a field called Discount Code where they can type in a code if they know it.

If you have defined any public codes, then they'll appear below the discount code field like so:

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