Your group leader needs to create a payout account in order for you to run a convention through Tabletop.Events.

To begin the process, go to "Payout" in your account view menu:

You will see this form on the page.

You must agree to the Terms of Use before proceeding.

Tabletop.Events uses for payouts.  Clicking on the Connect with Stripe button will re-direct you to, where you step through the process of entering the details Stripe requires to verify your account.  This should only take a few minutes.  When you are done, Stripe will re-direct you back to the Payout page for your account on Tabletop.Events.

Information that Stripe requires may include:

  • contact information, such as email address, phone number
  • personal identifying information, such as name, street address, identification document, social security number
  • business information (if applicable) such as address, phone number, tax identification number, or other individuals in control of the business

If you need to edit the details on your Stripe account, return to the Payout page and click on the Connect with Stripe button, and you will be re-directed to Stripe, where you can change your details.  Note that Tabletop.Events has no access to the identifying details on your account (name, address, contact information, etc).

Payout Schedule

We submit payments to your bank daily (after a 2 day hold), but it can take a couple days to a week for your bank to process those payments depending upon their internal processes.

Please note that you must be using a checking account that utilizes US currency.  

Fee Example

The money submitted to your account will be the price of the items sold, minus 3% credit card fees, minus 2.5% + $.99 for Tabletop.Events fees. So imagine you sold a badge for $40. This would be the breakdown:

Your Revenue Tabletop.Events Revenue Credit Card Company Revenue
$36.81 $1.99 $1.20

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