Event Schedule

Managing your event schedule at your convention is likely one of the most challenging aspects of running your convention. Tabletop.Events aims to make that much easier by providing you with a whole host of amazing features.

  • User Event Submission
  • Streamlined Approval Process
  • Event Type Rules
  • Venue Rules
  • Auto-Event Scheduling
  • CSV Exports
  • PDF Exports

To see a detailed tutorial on how to get started with scheduling go here: http://help.tabletop.events/article/121-getting-started-making-an-event-schedule

You can easily export your entire schedule as a PDF that you can use to form the basis of your printed program, or you can share it online with your attendees. To do this, go to Convention Tools > Reports, and scroll down to the Events section.

Here, you'll have the option to view the full schedule timeline by room, print the event schedule as a PDF file (sorted by day part or by space), print event sheets, or export your events as a CSV file.

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