How to make badges Free for Attendees

Convention organizers can now pre-pay TTE for attendee badges, thus making their convention free to some or all attendees. As described below you will purchase a number of "Free Attendee Badges" from the Convention Supplies system (either through the link in the Badge Type Setup, or through Convention Tools > Supplies) at $0.99 each. An attendee can then register for your convention using one of these badges at no cost to them. If you run out, you can buy additional "Free Attendee Badges" at any time. TTE admins can refund badges that were never used by attendees, but be careful when deciding how many badges to purchase at a time, as TTE will only refund a maximum of 10% of badges purchased (contact us for any exceptions). (i.e. if the organizer purchases 100 badges, at most 10 unused badges will be refunded).  

To make this option possible for your convention, please follow the steps below:

During the creation of your convention, using the option Create Badge Types (i.e. Early Bird, Regular, VIP, etc.)  there is a setting for "Free to Attendees".  The default setting is "Normal charge to attendees....".  To change this, set the "Max Available" to 0 and then from the dropdown menu that appears, choose "Free to attendees...."
Then, in order to have a quantity of badges for the attendees to use for registration, the organizer must purchase the "Free Attendee Badges" from the Supplies (either through the link in the Badge Type Setup, or through Convention Tools > Supplies)

Enter shipping/contact information to make this purchase, and then choose Free Attendee Badges from the list of supplies.  (Other supply orders for badge stock, etc. can also be made at this time).  Select the name of the Badge Type for which the attendees will be purchasing this type of badge and then click the green "Buy" button.

On the following screen will be the "cart".  Update the quantity of badges that need to be purchased and "Checkout".  We recommend being conservative with this number based on the refund policy listed above.  Once the purchase is completed, the number of badges available will be listed in the Badge Types.

Special note - Once the supplies order for the free badges has a completed payment, the setting for this badge type is unable to be reversed.

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