Volunteer Management

Enable Volunteer Management

This video covers: how to get to the Volunteers convention tool; how to Enable the tool, so that you can set up your volunteer shifts; and general settings on the volunteers Settings page.

Set Up Volunteering

Shift Types

This video covers setting up Shift Types, which you will use when creating your convention's volunteer shifts.  Shift Types control things like the room that a shift will be in, and also whether a volunteer is approved automatically.


This video covers creating shifts with the shift creation form.

Copying Shifts

This video covers the shift copy feature, which allows you to quickly duplicate shifts and save some setup work.

Copying Shifts Between Days

This video covers the feature that allows you to copy all the shifts on one day to another day.

Open Volunteering

This video covers setting Volunteers Management to Open, which means attendees can now apply to volunteer, and shows

Manage Volunteers

Volunteers List

This video covers the main volunteers view, which shows volunteers in a list.

Single Volunteer View

This video covers the volunteer view page, which shows you a volunteer's complete information.

Administratively Create a Volunteer

This video covers how to create a volunteer administratively.

Schedule Volunteers

This video covers scheduling volunteers.  It also covers exporting the schedule in CSV format.

Message Volunteers

This video covers messaging volunteers.  You can message all volunteers, a single volunteer, or the volunteers for a specific shift.


This video covers the "Shift Sheets" and "Volunteer Sheets" reports, which show schedule information by shift or by volunteer.

(See the "Schedule Volunteers" video for how to export the volunteers schedule in CSV format.)

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