Event Special Requests

Special Requests for Events

Here you can watch a tutorial about how to use Special Requests

To add Special requests to an event you will first need to add the Special Requests to your Event Types.

You will go to “Convention Tools>Scheduling> Event types” then you will need to edit the event type you want to add the Special request to.

At the bottom of the page above the custom fields you will see the option to add Special Requests.

Here you will add options for your events such as:

For games, they might require Wifi, Wheel Chair Access, Quiet Space, or a Large Table

For seminars, they might want things like Power, Wifi, or a Projector.

Event Spaces

You can then go to your Convention Tools>Scheduling>Event Spaces where you will see all the spaces at your convention. Any Event space that uses the event type with Special Requests will display a drop-down menu to add that special request to that space.

Submitting an event

When someone submits an event for your convention that uses the Event Type that you have added Special Requests too they will see the option to request those options.

Approving and assigning an event with special requests

When approving and assigning an event with Special Requests you will see the options that were requested.

After you approve the event and when you go to schedule the event when you look thru the event spaces available you will see what event spaces has the Special Requests available.

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