Players Wanted Signs

Our team designed these Players Wanted signs to make it easier to find players at an event. They work great for game conventions that have open gaming areas. Just raise the flag and everyone in the area will know you're looking for additional players. These signs have several features:

  • Self-standing, low profile design that is crafted out of 60pt chipboard for durability
  • Bright yellow/black "Players Wanted" flag that can be raised or hidden behind the sign
  • Adjustable dial to indicate how many players are needed
  • Adjustable dial to indicate the length of play for the game
  • Large white dry erasable area which can be used to write the name of the game and any additional information you'd like to share
  • Note: Signs can have custom artwork and/or design, but that costs extra. Click here to learn how to create your own custom Players Wanted sign and to see an example of a sign we created for UNPUB.


  • Standard pricing is $20 each. Tabletop Events customers only pay $15 each.
  • Custom signs: Contact us to get a quote.

How to Order:

Contact us today and we'll be happy to assist you in getting some of these signs for your game convention.

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