FAQs About Running a Game Library

Can I use my own catalog number/unique identifier for the games?

Yes, you can enter your own unique identifier for your games in our Import CSV spreadsheet.

How does the game library software handle duplicate copies of games?

You will need a unique identifier for each copy of the game.  (Most libraries just add a b, c, d, e, etc to the end of their catalog number to represent this, but you can do it however you wish.)

What fields are imported when I import a collection from BGG?

Very little is imported from BGG due partially to their API, and partially to their license, which is quite restrictive. The fields are: Name, Min Players, Max Players, Min Play Time, Max Play Time, and BGG ID. 

How are play-to-win games handled?  

Play-to-win games are treated like any other in the library, except that they are marked as play to win. People can be added as play-to-win entrants during or after checkout. From the game's page, you can mark a winner or randomly pick a winner from all the people who have entered into PTW for that game. These games are not removed from the library, they are just marked "out of circulation" when you pick a winner by either method.

Does play-to-win have options to only allow one game win per attendee?

Not at this time.

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