Library Inventory

You can inventory the games in your games library on Tabletop.Events.  The library inventory feature is designed to work on handheld devices.

Library Inventory available in the Library navigation bar

The Inventory option will take you to the main inventories page for your game library.

Main Inventories Page

The main inventories page displays a list of existing inventories and their status, the total games counted, a link to the inventory, and management options.  You can also create a new inventory here.

  • The inventories list is in reverse order of date created (so, most recently created appears first).
  • Inventory status can be "active" or "closed".
  • One inventory can be active for a Library at a given time.  There is no other restriction on which inventory is active.  You can activate and close inventories as you need, but the assumption is that you will only need to conduct one inventory of your game library at a time.
  • Management options include navigating to a specific inventory for viewing or counting; activating or closing an inventory; and deleting.  An Inventory can be deleted from this page once its record is no longer useful.
  • Create a new inventory.  You can provide a name for the inventory if a name will make it easier to refer to the inventory - for example if you perform an inventory every quarter, you could name the inventory "2019 Q1".
  • Creating a new inventory will automatically close an existing active inventory.

Add to Inventory Page

On a handheld device, Add To Inventory will look like this:

Counting a game - the catalog number is scanned in:

The page fetches the game information and adds it the inventory:

  • Designed to be usable on a portable device such as a phone.  Connect a barcode scanner to the device and scan games into the inventory.  If scanning games is all you do, the inventory process should proceed quickly.
  • You can also search for games by name (if for example the scanner has difficulty reading a game's bar code).  Type as much text into "Game Name" as you need to identify the game or set of games.  The found games will display directly below the search inputs.  (In the narrow view, found games display above the Counted Games section.)  (The found games will remain after clicking a game to choose it.)
  • Games counted in the inventory display in the Counted Games section in the reverse order in which they were added.  This means the most recently added game appears at the top of Counted Games.
  • If your scan or search finds a game that is already counted, you will see an alert stating this.  The game is not counted more than once.  (Note this only happens if the scan/search finds a single game, or if you click "Choose" from the list of games resulting from a name search.)
  • For convenience, when you count a game, a form will automatically display to edit game condition information, and custom field information.  The form displays below the search inputs.  There is a "Done Editing" button that will hide the form.  You can re-open this form to edit a game already counted, with the "Edit Game" option under the game's "Manage" select box.
  • To edit a game's information beyond what is shown in the above form, use "View Game" (under "Manage") to start to navigate to the game's main edit view.
  • Also under "Manage", you can remove a counted game from inventory, if necessary.  (Removing a game from inventory only removes its count in the inventory, it does not affect the game itself.)
  • For the inventory, management options are accessed from the buttons at the top of the page and include: closing or re-activating the inventory; switching the view between counted and missing games; and navigating to the Missing Games report.
  • Missing Games are ordered alphabetically by name, and will show if a game is currently checked out or is not in circulation.
  • Several users in different places counting games into the same Inventory is allowed.

Missing Games report

You can find a link to the Missing from Inventory report under the Reports select item in the Library navigation bar.  If you are viewing a specific inventory, you will also see a "Missing Report" button which will take you to

  • You can navigate to the Missing Games report from the Add To Inventory view or via the Library navigation bar.
  • Select an inventory.
  • View missing games in page with "Generate Report".  Open the accompanying drop-down to switch between paginating the in-page report, or showing all items, if you prefer to print directly from the web page.
  • If you have only one existing inventory, that inventory will be selected in the box, and generate report will run automatically.
  • Export report to a Comma-Separated Values file with "Export CSV".

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