Print Badges / Tickets

Badge and ticket printing is quite simple in Tabletop.Events. You can print from either the point of sale system or from the badge manager. This video shows the process and the result.

Compatible Printers

Every printer we have tested works fine. We've tested both ink jets and laser printers, both black and white and color, from all of these brands: HP, Epson, Canon, Ricoh, and Brother. Laser printers have a problem with heating up the paper and causing curling, so its best if your laser printer has a straight print path, or if it has a by-pass door on the back to shoot the paper straight out.

Compatible Browsers

We've tested our printing technology on Edge (used to be called Internet Explorer), Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It works on all browsers, although it works best on Chrome and Firefox. There is one tip though: Your browser's print settings must disable any page scaling. So if there is an option like "Fit to Page", then uncheck that. 

Perforated Paper

We have special perforated paper that you'll need in order to print your badges and tickets. You can order this from us for $85 per ream of 250 sheets. Each sheet will hold 1 badge, 1 receipt, and 12 tickets. If a customer has 13 tickets, then 2 sheets will be printed. Use the "Supplies" menu under "Convention Tools" in your convention to place an order.

NOTE: We can also pre-print your badges and tickets and mail them to you. It costs $1.15 per badge, which includes their badge and tickets.  Use the "Supplies" menu under "Convention Tools" in your convention to place an order.  Badges will arrive sorted numerically.  You will want to place your order to have badges printed at least 7 days before you want them to arrive.

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