Print Badges / Tickets Before the Convention

Because every convention is different, Tabletop.Events offers three different options for printing badges and tickets before the beginning of the convention.

Bulk Badge and Ticket Printing

Bulk printing is available prior to your convention.  You can order preprinted badges and tickets through the TTE system.  They will be professionally printed on our perforated card stock and shipped to you directly from our third party vendor.  All badges will be printed full color, and pricing includes badges, tickets and shipping.  Each badge will print up to 12 tickets.  If a badge has more than 12 tickets, the price will be multiplied by the number of additional pages that are necessary to print all the tickets for an attendee.    Turn around time is approximately one week.

If you are continuing to sell badges after your submit the order for printing or if you are planning to sell badges at the convention, it is recommended to either purchase Perforated Card Stock to print your own badges or purchase Printed Blank Badges to hand write attendee information.
  1. Go to Convention Tools > Registration > Badges.
  2. Click "Printing".
  3. Under the Bulk Badge and Ticket Printing section, click "Create order for Bulk Badge/Ticket Printing".
  4. The Orders screen will appear.
  5. Enter your convention information and click "Create".
  6. Scroll down to the Supplies available for purchase section and choose the appropriate supplies to order.
  7. Scroll back up the screen to the Items in Order section and verify your order information.  You will need to update quantity for any items other than Printed Badges and Tickets.
  8. Click "Checkout" to pay and complete the order.

On-Site Badge and Ticket Printing

If you would rather print your own badges using our template, you can order the perforated card stock and print them on your own.  Perforated Turn around time for shipment of the card stock is approximately one week.   Each sheet will hold 1 badge, 1 receipt, and 12 tickets.  If you have attendees with more than 12 tickets, you will need additional sheets of paper to print all their tickets.  

Ordering Supplies

  1. Go to Convention Tools > Registration > Badges.
  2. Click "Printing".
  3. Under the On-Site Badge and Ticket Printing section, click "Create order for Bulk Badge/Ticket Stock".
  4. Follow steps 4-8 above.

Generating Bulk Print Job

  1. Go to Convention Tools > Registration > Badges.
  2. Click "Printing".
  3. Under the On-Site Badge and Ticket Printing section, click "Generate Badges".
  4. When TTE generates badges for your convention, we provide PDF document(s) for approximately every 100 badges.  You will receive an email notification with the download links when you the job is complete.  The downloadable files are automatically deleted after 6 hours.
    • Start Badge Number is the first badge number that will be included in the PDF.
    • End Badge Number is the final badge number that will be included in the PDF.
    • Include already printed badges? flags which type of badges are to be included:
      • ONLY generate badges not yet printed will only print badges that haven't already been marked as printed in the system.
      • Generate ALL badges, INCLUDING already printed badges will print all badges no matter their print status in the system.
    • Mark generated badges as unprinted? will affect the print flag on each badge in the PDF.
      • Do NOT mark generated badges as unprinted will allow the system to mark each badge in the PDF as printed.
      • DO mark generated badges as unprinted will have the system leave badges in the PDF marked as unprinted.  NOTE:  This is helpful when creating test files that will not be used for your final print run.
    • Delete Delay (in seconds) allows you to shorten the time the files will be kept on the servers.

Printing One Badge / Ticket at a Time

  1. Go to Convention Tools > Registration > Badges.
  2. Click on the badge number  you wish to print.
  3. Next to the Printed field, click the printer icon and then "Print Checked Items".
  4. A PDF file will be created which you can then send to the printer.

Compatible Printers

Every printer we have tested works fine. We've tested both ink jets and laser printers, both black and white and color, from all of these brands: HP, Epson, Canon, Ricoh, and Brother. Laser printers have a problem with heating up the paper and causing curling, so it is best if your laser printer has a straight print path, or if it has a by-pass door on the back to shoot the paper straight out.

It is often necessary for the pages to air dry after going through an ink jet printer.  Please be sure to provide adequate space and time for this process.

Compatible Browsers

We've tested our printing technology on Edge (used to be called Internet Explorer), Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It works on all browsers, although it works best on Chrome and Firefox. There is one tip though: Your browser's print settings must disable any page scaling. So if there is an option like "Fit to Page", then uncheck that. 

DIY Badge and Ticket Printing

If you would like to use your own template and/or print provider, you can export your badges and tickets from the system as CSV files to manipulate and format as you like.

  1. Go to Convention Tools > Registration > Badges.
  2. Click "Printing".
  3. Under the DIY Badge and Ticket Printing section, click "Export Badges as CSV" or "Export Tickets as CSV".


Warning! Tutorials may be slightly out of date with current code.

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