Reschedule Convention

Tabletop.Events offers a “reschedule” feature for situations where a convention must be moved to different dates.  You can access the Reschedule Convention page from the convention dates page: Convention Tools menu > Convention Setup, then the Dates page in the settings navigation bar. 

The first step in the reschedule process is creating days, and the second is migrating events, etc. to the new days.  You'll verify that things are set up how you want them after each step.

You'll start by selecting the new start date for your convention.  Our system will then create new convention days based on the structure of your current convention.  For example, if the first day of your current convention is a set-up day, the first day of your new convention will start with a set-up day on the date you select.  If your current convention runs for four days, the new convention dates will automatically run for four days as well.  

It will take some time for the system to update the convention for each step.  You'll receive a notification e-mail after the first and second steps of the process are complete, so that you'll know when you are able to proceed with the next step.  

Step 2 will reschedule events, volunteer shifts, and badges from the old days to the new days

Step 3 will delete the old convention days and remove the reschedule job from our system.  You will not receive a notification e-mail after this step.