Under ”Convention tools > News updates” you will see the option to add News updates to your convention.

The Updates system allows you to quickly and easily stay in touch with your attendees and keep your attendees engaged. When you create an update it will email all of your badge holders (unless you choose to target specific badge holders, via badge type), and it will keep a blog of all the updates you've released so far.

When you create a new update, you must send yourself a test before you can send it to your attendees.

If you look above the red circle shows that this particular update is only going out to people who have that particular badge type.  The system also notifies visitors to your site that there are updates they might want to read by including an update count badge in the navigation.

Posting Updates (when your convention has no badge types)

If your convention does not use Badge Types, you can still create news updates for the blog.  Instead of buttons for emailing, you will just see a "Post" button.

To make your update public, click on the Post button.

Note that if you have badge types created in your convention, just posting will not be an option.  However, if you post a news update before creating badge types, but then add badge types to your convention later, you can go back to the posted update and send it to badge holders.