Format Convention Webpage

If you would like to add further information about your convention to Tabletop.Events, you can add it as a Page at ”Convention Tools > Pages and Links”.  You can also add a Link to a webpage on a site other than Tabletop.Events.

When you add a Page or Link to your convention it will appear as an item in one of the navigation menus in the site navigation bar.  (If the Page or Link does not really make sense in the available sections, you can add it to the "More" section and that menu will appear in the site navigation bar.)

TTE User Guides

For your attendees' convenience, you can link TTE user guide documentation right into your convention's navigation menus.  To being, click on "TTE User Guides" in the "Pages & Links" navigation bar.  You will see a list of available User Guides:

On this page, you only select User Guides to include in your convention menus.  You can include them or remove them.  As the page verbiage describes, the User Guides start with certain reasonable defaults, such as what Section they will appear in.  To change the defaults for a User Guide, return to the main "Pages & Links" page, and click the User Guide's "Edit" button.

This is what selected guides look like:

And now these User Guides appear in the main list of Pages and Links, like anything else you can add:

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