Exhibitor and Sponsor Management

Exhibitor Management can be enabled by going to  Convention Tools > Exhibitors and then enabling exhibitor management. 

The exhibitor management system allows you to set up one or more exhibit halls, booths, booth options, and rules by which exhibitors can submit applications and make use of the exhibit halls, booths, and booth options. The process works like this:

  1. Define an exhibit hall and all the booths and rules that go with them.
  2. Open exhibitor applications & booth sales in the exhibitor settings. *
  3. Exhibitors apply to exhibit.
  4. You approve their application (or not, or ask for changes).
  5. Exhibitors then buy booths and add-ons for their booths based upon the rules you set up.*

* You can optionally not allow booth sales, and manually create the exhibitors in the exhibit hall. But then that's putting a lot of extra work on you, and you'd have to invoice your exhibitors separately. 

This video shows you the process for both organizer and exhibitor:


The benefits of using the exhibitor management system are huge and numerous, both for you and your exhibitors. We've attempted to enumerate them here for you.

Benefit Your Benefit Exhibitor Benefit
No manual invoicing needed. X X
No back and forth with booth selection. X X
The entire application process is digital so no double entry of data. X
Get everything you need the first time. X X
Select your booth options (extra chairs, wifi, etc) when you select your booth. X
Web site is automatically up to date. X
Publish as much or as little info about the exhibitor as they want without any back and forth with the organizer. X X
Change requests are all self-service. X X
Set up rules for booth selection and add-ons to ensure everything goes according to your plan. X

Enabling Exhibitors/ Sponsors

To Enable Exhibitors/ Sponsors you will need to go to “Convention Tools>Exhibitor/ Sponsors”

You will hit the Green “Enable exhibitor/Sponsorship Management” button.  All conventions have this option disabled by default.

After you hit the Green “Enable exhibitor/Sponsorship Management” button you will see several options pop up. You will wait to enable the Applications, Booth Sales, and Sponsorships until after you set them up.

Vendor Approval

You will need to decide if you will screen and manually approve each Exhibitor application or if you want to Automatically Approve the Exhibitors.

You will want to load a link to a document or page containing the terms you want your exhibitors to agree to.

Then fill out the Application header and set the maximum number of booths an Exhibitor can purchase.

If you leave the value of "0", it means an Exhibitor can purchase an unlimited number of booths. (You can override this on each exhibitor later if you need to.)

Application Custom Fields

These fields are areas you can have your Exhibitor applicants fill out additional information about themselves such as (How many years have you been in business?)

You have a variety of things you can edit, you can have them answer a question using a dropdown list, or have additional questions appear based on the answer to a previous question.

Booth Types

After you have added the custom fields, you will need to create the kinds of booths you will offer at your convention.

To do this you will click the (Booth Types) at the top of the Exhibitors page.
You may want to have Artists and Vendors separate in price or have a special price for corner booths.
Type in the name of the Booth you are creating and hit the green “Create” button.
Now you will edit the information about that booth including the price of the booth, the dimensions, how many badges are included with the cost of the booth, and what badge type you want to be included with the booth. You may want a specific badge type for Exhibitors.

Booth Options

Booth options are additional add-ons you can provide for the Exhibitor to pick from. These include things like power, tables, chairs, and internet.


Now you will create the room that your Vendors will be in and add spaces to that room, or rooms you want to either assign to them or have them pick from.

You will add the name of your room and click the green “Create” button.
Now you can add an image of the layout of your Exhibitor hall to show where the booths will be set up.


Next you will add Zones to your room. This allows you to limit exhibitors from purchasing booths except in a certain zone. Zones are typically defined by either aisles, theme, or quadrants of an exhibit hall. Zones are optional.


Booths is where you will create the individual booths for Exhibitors to choose from. You will name the booth, select the booth type from the types you created earlier, determine whether you wish to reserve the booth, and assign the booth to a zone (if you've created zones). 

After you are done with one booth hit the green “Create” button and move on to creating the next booth.

To manage, change, or delete booths you have created go to the “Booths” tab


Sponsorships are extras you can sell to your exhibitors or anyone. This can include things like space in an ad booklet that you will hand out at your convention.

Opening Applications

After you have set up your Exhibitor booths you will want to open the ability for Exhibitors to fill out applications to your convention.

You will go to “Convention Tools> Exhibitors/Sponsors> Settings” then click on the open button for Applications, Booth Sales, and Sponsorships.

Now Exhibitors can send you applications to approve (if you decided to approve all applications) or fill out the application and go straight to buying booths if you decided to Automatically approve each Exhibitor.

Filling Out an Application

When an Exhibitor goes to your conventions site, they will go to the Exhibit/Sponsorship at the top of the screen. Then, they will click on Apply to Exhibit and/ or Sponsor.

They will create a new application using their company name and agree to the terms you have loaded.

After they have clicked “Start Application” they will be taken to a screen where they will fill out information about their business including contact information, company logo, and a description about what they will be bringing to your convention.

They will also be required to load a Logo for their business. In the Attend section of your home page, you will see a section labeled Exhibitors & Sponsors. this is where all the exhibitors and sponsors of your convention will be listed along, with information about their booth and what they are bringing.

They will then submit the application using the Green “Submit Application” button.

If you are reviewing all applications, they will see that the application is pending. After you have approved the application, they will receive an email to go through the rest of the process.

If you are not reviewing applications, then the Applicant will be taken to the next step.

They will be given a list of all the booths you have created in your convention, and if you have a map that goes with the booth name, they can see other booths that have already applied and make decisions on where they want to have their booth.

They will find the booth they want and claim it.

Then they will be asked if they want any of the Booth Options you have available and see the option to add names and email accounts to any badges included with the booth they picked.

After they have filled out all the information, they will proceed to checkout.

Approving Applications

Any pending Applications will show up as an alert when you go to “Convention Tools> Exhibitors/ Sponsors”. You can click on the alert or go to Applications. There, you can review the application.

On the right-hand side, you have several options:

Approve (Any zone): Here you can approve the application and give the applicant a specific zone to choose the booth from.

Request Changes: Here you can add information about any changes you want the applicant to make to the application in the top section and then hit the “Request Changes” button. Then an email will be sent to the applicant.

Review Later- This skips the current application and moves on to the next.

Decline- This declines the application.  When the application is declined, the exhibitor will get an email notifying them about the status of the application. You can add a reason for the decline in the text area above the button before clicking it.