Integrating with Discord

If you are running a virtual online convention then you may wish to integrate with Discord so that you can facilitate text and voice chat for your attendees. Tabletop.Events has a direct integration with Discord that allows you to replicate your Rooms and Spaces as Categories and Channels on a Discord server. Follow the following steps to integrate.

Step 1: Create a Discord Server

Go to the Discord web site and create a Discord server.

Step 2: Enable Discord Integration

Go to Convention Tools > Scheduling > Settings and enable discord integration. 

Step 3: Link Discord to TTE

In Discord click on the top menu and then "Server Settings". 

Then go to Widget and copy your Server ID.

And finally, paste your Discord Server ID into the "Discord Server ID" field in TTE.

Step 4: Authorize TTE's Discord Bot

Click on the button in TTE that looks like this:

There you will be prompted to authorize Tabletop.Events to connect with your Discord server.

Now your TTE site and your Discord app have been connected.

Step 5: Sync TTE to Discord

Click the button that looks like this to start the syncing process.

Discord has a limit of 50 categories, and 50 channels per category. Categories in Discord are equivalent to rooms in TTE. Channels in Discord are equivalent to spaces (tables) in TTE. However, we install both a voice and a text channel per space in the Discord server, which means you can only have 25 spaces per room. Also keep in mind that any administrative channels and categories you have will use up some of Discord's limit. 

Each time you add rooms or spaces you'll need to come back and hit this button to create new categories and channels in Discord. 

Step 6: Invite Your Attendees

After you've created your discord server and sync'd it, you'll need to invite attendees to particpate. By default the invite link only lasts for 24 hours. However, you can get around that. Here's how:

Go to the top menu and select "Invite People".

Then click the "Edit" link at the bottom of the screen that shows up.

Then set Expire After to "Never" and Max Number of Uses to "No Limit" and then click "Generate a New Link".

Now you can share that invite link with all your attendees. We recommend sending an email to everyone using the News Updates feature in TTE.

Special NOTES:

**If ever there are errors with the Discord links, they can be regenerated (See Regenerating Discord Links).  

**Also a note that if rooms/spaces are ever deleted because they will no longer be used, you must still delete the associated Discord category and its channels on 

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