Manage Convention User Privileges

By default, the leader of a group that controls the convention has all of the privileges for the convention (and the bank account for the group leader will be used for any convention payments).  All emails regarding financials will be directed to Group Leaders.  Directors of a group that controls the convention have all of the privileges for the convention, except for access to the information about the bank account.  Group Leader and Directors have access to these areas before, during and after the convention.

Conventions often have organizers who are not Group Leaders or Directors that need access to all or a specific portion of convention functionality including emails regarding that portion.  You can assign access through convention privileges.  Access through convention privileges ends when your convention concludes.

  1. Open the home page for your convention.
  2. Go to Convention Tools > Convention Setup > Privileges.
  3. This will display the Convention Privileges screen.
  4. Enter the name of the user you wish to add and click "Search".  
  5. A list of all TTE users that match your search will be displayed.  Click "Choose" next to the correct user.
    • Point of Sale:  Access to the cash register functions that are used at the registration desk of your convention.  (Convention Tools > Point of Sale)
    • Registration:  Access to badge and ticket management functions, including CSV exports, and the badge designer.  (Convention Tools > Registration)
    • Scheduling:  Access to event submissions and event scheduling functions. (Convention Tools > Scheduling)
    • Exhibitors:  Access to exhibitor management. (Convention Tools > Exhibitors / Sponsors)
    • Merch:  Access to convention merchandise management and sales information. (Convention Tools > Merch)
    • News Updates:  The ability to publish updates to your blog and email them out to all of your attendees. (Convention Tools > News Updates)
    • Pages:  The ability to add additional pages and links to your convention's navigation. (Convention Tools > Pages & Links)
    • Volunteers:  Access to volunteer management. (Convention Tools > Volunteers)
    • Financials:  Access to receipts, ledger entries, and financial statistics. Can also refund purchases. (Convention Tools > Financials)
    • Cash Drawers:  Access to cash drawers administration view; can close, verify, and reopen cash drawers.  (No access to other financials sections.) (Convention Tools > Financials > Cash Drawers)
    • Everything:  Access to all of the above as well as all of the various convention settings.  Can also assign new privileges to other users.

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