Tabletop.Events uses Stripe as our payment processing platform.  

Credit card payments are processed through Stripe and the Stripe and TTE fees will be deducted before the fees are paid out to you.  Funds are typically available to payout to your bank two days following the initial charge.  

In the event of a refund, money gets subtracted from the convention’s Stripe balance that hasn’t been pushed to the bank account yet. If there are no funds to be pushed into the bank account at the time of the refund, then the amount is requested from the bank account back to Stripe.  The refund is processed once Stripe has the funds.  It can take up to 5-10 business days for a refund to be processed depending on the bank.  When you (or the attendee) hits the refund button in our system, we instantly inform Stripe to process the refund. Stripe then sends out the request within 48 hours to the bank. From there, it is up to the bank's policies and systems to get it done. In most cases, the customer will see this refund in less than 7 business days, but we have seen some take 17 days, and Stripe has told us that it has taken 21 days in some cases. 

Payments processed through Stripe are reported to the IRS.  In the first quarter of the year following your convention, you or your organization will receive a 1099.  If you have a Stripe Standard account, the 1099 is directly from Stripe.  Other legacy accounts will receive their 1099 from BoardGameGeek, LLC through the 2022 tax year.

Stripe Account Basics

  • TTE requires you to create a new Stripe account when linking with our platform even if you have a previous Stripe account that was used by your convention before.
  • We request that you use the Stripe account associated with TTE only for TTE transactions.  If you have a separate site where you sell memberships, merchandise, etc. you should use a different Stripe account to process those payments.
  • All new Stripe accounts will be Standard accounts.
  • Conventions using other legacy Stripe accounts will need to create to a Stripe Standard account no later than January 1st, 2023.  We suggest you make this change between conventions rather than in the middle of a convention as it can cause problems with refund abilities.
  • For your Stripe account, there is a field called "Statement Descriptor".  This field is what appears on credit card statements for all charges to your convention.  Making sure this field appropriately identifies your convention will help avoid charge disputes.
  • A token for an attendee's credit card is stored with Stripe.  This links back to their financial institution regardless of whether they allow their credit card to be accessed by our site anymore.  All credit cards and credit card processing companies work this way. This ensures that if a transaction refunds, it will refund back to the original account it was purchased on regardless of whether their credit card remains active on our site. 
  • Currently, Stripe accounts for TTE only make payouts in USD.

Stripe Setup

Stripe accounts must be set up by the Leader of the Group who has created the convention.

  1. Click on your username in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Payout from the Account section.
  3. This will display the Create Stripe Payout Account screen.
    • Country:  At this time TTE can only provide payout to US bank accounts.  Canadian conventions must have a US bank account to use the system.
    • Agree to Terms of Use:  Review the Terms that are linked here and indicate you agree to them.
  4. Click "Connect with Stripe" when you are ready to setup your Stripe Standard Account.  This will take you to where you step through the process of entering the details required to verify your account.  This should only take a few minutes.  When you are finished, Stripe will re-direct you back to the Payout page for your account on Tabletop.Events.  Information that Stripe may require includes:
    • contact information, such as email address, phone number
    • personal identifying information, such as name, street address, identification document, social security number
    • business information (if applicable) such as address, phone number, tax identification number, or other individuals in control of the business
If you do not have a Tax ID then you will need to register your Stripe account under a personal social security number.  If you later obtain a Tax ID for your convention, please make sure to update your Stripe information before the end of the year to insure the 1099 sent out is correct.

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