Run Registration Desk

Conventions have many different ways to run the Registration Desk.  Below are some key areas that you will need to be prepared for at your convention and the possible equipment you may need.

Reminder Email

Approximately one week before your event, Tabletop.Events will send out a reminder email to your attendees.  This email is sent to the badge email address on file.

Attendees can also find their badge information following the instructions in How to Buy a Badge for a Convention.

On-Site Registration

Organizer Privileges

Leaders and Directors of your Group have full rights to all the different areas of the TTE system.  If you would like specific users to only have rights for registration, you will need to go to Convention Tools > Convention Setup > Privileges and add the appropriate users to the list with either Point of Sale, Registration, Exhibitors and/or Cash Drawers privileges depending on what they will be doing during the convention.  Rather than have the individual users log into TTE, it is possible to create a registration user for your convention that the entire Registration Desk uses.  

Checking in Attendees

For your convention, you will want a central location for attendees to pick up their pre-paid badges or purchase badges and/or tickets for your event.  For pre-printed badges, you can organize them by name or badge number.  

Tabletop.Events recommends organizing by badge number as sometimes attendees do not remember the exact layout of the name they put on their badge.

It is recommended you check attendees into the TTE system as they pickup their badges.  Check in can be done through the Point of Sale (TBD) module.  In order to check in attendees you will need an internet connected device at the registration desk. To streamline the process, you may also want a barcode scanner that is capable of scanning the QR codes on their reminder email or TTE badge information page. 

Each evening during your convention, TTE will send you an email with the percentage of attendees currently checked in.  You can also check this information at any time by going to Convention Tools > Registration > Badges and clicking on the "Sales" button in the upper-right hand corner.

Checking in Exhibitors

If you would like to track which exhibitors have arrived and when they checked in, go to Convention Tools > Exhibitors / Sponsors > Exhibitors.  Next to the appropriate exhibitor name, click "Check-In".  This will provide a date and time of check-in for your records.

Exhibitors will need to check in their individual badges as described above.

On-Site Badge Sales

For your convention, you will want to decide if you are selling badges at the Registration Desk.  Depending on the type of sales you are providing you will use our Point of Sale (TBD) module and possibly the Cash Drawer (TBD) system.  If you are taking credit cards, you will have to manually enter the card information or purchase a credit card reader.  There are several USB card readers available on Amazon that will work.  Please be sure that the reader does not require any custom software to run.

Additionally, you will need either blank badges to write the new attendees information or a printer hooked up to your internet connected device to print a badge.  

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