Submit / Host Convention Event

On the convention home page, you will find the option to submit an event to the convention under Host > Submit Events. Depending on the convention's settings you may need to first either have a badge in your cart or have purchased a badge for the convention before submitting an event.

You find information about how to buy a badge here:

Clicking on the link will take to the Submit Events page. There you will see any events you have submitted and the status of those events.

Click on the "New Submission" button to start a new event.

First, you will select an Event type from the conventions listed types. Click the Dropdown menu to see the options.

After you select an Event Type the additional fields you need to fill out will appear. You will need to fill out all the sections that have the "Required" tag.

Special Note:  A ticket is NOT automatically saved for you as the host of the game. So if you want to also play in the game you are hosting, set the number of tickets equal to one less than the total number of players. Alternatively you can set "tickets available" to the total players and then try to get a ticket to your own event, but since there is some lag from when you submit your event to when it is scheduled and available you may not get back to it in time before it fills up.

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