Refund Convention Badge / Ticket / Merch Purchase

Convention organizers set the refund deadlines for their conventions.  The deadline will be listed on the page where you can purchase badges and in the cart on the badge, ticket or merch pages for the convention.

You can being the refund process from multiple locations:

  • Receipts - badge, tickets or merch
  • Convention badge detail - badge, tickets or merch
  • My Schedule - tickets

Refunds from My Receipts

  1. If you wish to review your receipt, click on your username in the upper right hand corner of the website.
  2. In the Conventions section, click on My Receipts.

  3. Click on the receipt number you wish to review.   

  4. If a refund is available, you will see a "Refund" button to the right of the line item.  You are able to request refunds on any badge, ticket or merch that you purchased under your TTE account.  Those funds will be returned to you.

If the refund deadline has not passed, you will see the option to refund next to the item(s) on this receipt.  If the item was free, you'll see the option to delete the item.  Please note that you will need to delete/refund any tickets or merch associated with a badge before you'll be able to delete or refund the badge itself.  If the tickets or merch were obtained at a different time than the badge, you'll need to go to the receipt for these items first to delete/refund them, then go to the receipt for the badge to delete/refund it.

If the refund deadline has passed, you will need to contact the convention directly regarding the possibility of a refund for any items you've purchased.  

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