Apply as Convention Volunteer

You must have a Tabletop.Events (TTE) account in order to apply to volunteer.  You can find instructions on Creating an Account here.

Many conventions provide volunteer opportunities for convention attendees.  Some conventions will allow individuals to volunteer in exchange for a badge, while others will require a badge purchase first. 

Volunteering is handled at a Tabletop.Events account level rather than a convention badge level. Therefore, each TTE account will only be able to sign up one person as a volunteer.  If you are wishing to sign up with a friend, spouse, etc. each volunteer must apply from their own TTE account.  You will not be able to apply for multiple slots of the same shift from one TTE account.

Apply to Volunteer

  1. Go to the home page of the convention you are attending.
  2. Convention homepage on TTE
  3. Go to Volunteer > Apply/View Application.  This will take you to the Apply to Volunteer page. 
  4. If there is a message on this page indicating you must have a badge to volunteer, you will need to first purchase a badge before applying to volunteer.
  5. Enter the required information for the application.  Click the "Submit Application" button.
  6. You can edit or delete your application until it is approved by an organizer.  
  7. Depending on the convention, applications may be approved automatically or after review by the organizer.  You will receive an email with the updated status for your application.

Choose Volunteer Shifts

  1. You view your application by going to Volunteer > Apply / View Application.
  2. Click the "Shifts" button next to your approved application.  
  3. Click the "Choose Shifts" button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The Choose Shifts page will list all available shifts You can filter the available shifts DayRoom or Shift Type.
  5. Choose the shifts for which you want to volunteer by clicking on the "Volunteer" button to the side of the description. Shifts with the calendar icon are immediately scheduled and disappear from this screen. You cannot edit this shift selection. For the other shifts, if you want to remove the shift before submitting the application, click the "Un-volunteer" button that appeared to the side of the description. Whether or not a shift is immediately scheduled is dependent on the convention setup.
  6. When you have finished selecting all your shifts, click "Submit Shifts".
  7. A confirmation email will be sent as shift status is set to scheduled by the organizer or the system depending on manual or automatic scheduling.

Edit Volunteer Shifts

Once the organizer or system schedules you into the shift, you cannot edit your shift without emailing the convention.
  1. You can edit your shifts by going to Volunteer > Apply / View Application from the convention home page.
  2. Click the "Shifts" button next to your approved application. 
  3. You can edit your contact information by clicking on the "Edit My Application" button.  From here you can also edit your shift selections as long as the shift status is set to unscheduled.

Moving Shifts Between Badges

  1. If a badge was required for a specific convention day before volunteering, the badge number assigned to the shift is included in the list and a "Change" button shows next to the badge number.
  2. You can move volunteer shift between any badge owned by your TTE account that includes the convention day for which the shift is scheduled.  
  3. Click the "Change" button.
  4. A drop down list with all available badges appears. 
  5. Choose the correct badge.
  6. The badge number will be updated as necessary.

Message Volunteers Manager

You can send messages regarding shifts to the Volunteers Manager for the convention through TTE.

  1. Go to Volunteer > My Volunteer Shifts from the convention home page.
  2. Click the "Message Manager" button for general messages or the envelope icon to the right of the shift description for shift related questions.
  3. Message manager screen used to send emails to volunteer manager.></p><li>If needed, complete the <strong>Message Subject</strong>.</li><li>Enter your message into the <strong>Message Body</strong>.</li><li>Click
  4. An email will be sent to the Volunteers Manager.


Warning!  Tutorials may be slightly out of date with current code.

No Badge Required

Badge for Convention Required

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