Manage Convention Days

Convention Days are how you define the duration of your convention. You get to the main Convention Days page via Convention Tools > Convention Setup > Dates:

The "Dates" Page

The Dates page displays convention days in a table like this:

This is how it looks after you've created your convention days.  You'll define each day of your convention separately.

How to Create a Convention Day

About Day Types and Times

Day Type

You can select a Day's type as Events or Organizer.

An Events day is a day when the convention is open for attendees.  An Events day will Attendee start and end times.  It will have Event Schedule start and end times if you enable Event Management in your convention.  Event Schedule times control scheduling events such as games, seminars, and so on.  If Event Management is enabled in your convention, Events days will have Day Parts and related time slots and so can show up as options when scheduling an event.  An Events day will have Exhibit start and end times for your exhibitors, if you enable Exhibitors in your convention.

An Organizer day is for activity pre- or post-convention, such as volunteer shifts you require before or after your convention, or for exhibitor move-in or move-out times.  Organizer days never have Event Schedule times, or Day Parts and time slots, and so you cannot schedule events to days of this type.  Organizer days will normally not be shown to attendees - they will only be visible in specific contexts.  In the following screenshot, which is of the "Dates" section onthis convention's home page "Dates" section, note how only Events days are shown:

Day Start and End Times

A convention day always has Start and End times.

  • A convention day's Start and End times cannot be more than 24 hours apart (the day cannot be longer than 24 hours).
  • A day can cross a calendar day boundary. For example, a day could start at 8 AM on Friday, and end at 2 AM on Saturday.
  • The day's other times (Attendee times, Event Schedule times and the Exhibitor times), if used, must be within the day's Start and End times.
  • A day's Start and End times directly control when you may schedule Volunteer Shifts.

Attendee Start and End Times

A Day's Attendee Start and End times are the times when attendees can enter the convention.  These times will display on your convention's home page under the "Dates" section.

Event Schedule Start and End Times

A Day's Event Schedule Start and End times control when you may schedule attendee Events, such as games or seminars.

Event Schedule times are inactive (not visible or used) until you have enabled Event Management.  See Setting up Registration for how to do this.

Exhibitor Start and End Times

Exhibitor times do not control anything within your convention (as the Start and End times control volunteer shifts, for example), but are added for convenience for your exhibitors, if you have any.  Entered Exhibitor times will be visible in the "Exhibitor Move-In/Out Times" page.  Exhibitor times on Organizer days before your convention begins are designated "Move-In" times; times on Organizer days after your convention are designated "Move-Out" times.  On Events days, these are the times when exhibitors may be present in the exhibitors hall.

Exhibit Start and End Times

Exhibit times, like Exhibitor times, are for convenience for your exhibitors.  Exhibit times are when the exhibitors' hall is open; therefore these times are only in effect on Events days (like Attendee times).  Exhibit times must be within the time range defined by the Exhibitor times.

Exhibitor times and Exhibit times are inactive (not visible or used) until you have enabled Exhibitor Management.  See Exhibitor and Sponsor Management for how to do this.

Edit a Convention Day

To edit a Convention Day, click on its "Edit" button as shown in the image of the Days table above, and you will be taken to the Day's edit page.  For an Events day, it looks like the following screenshot.

The Edit form works a little differently from editing other items in Tabletop.Events.  To edit a Day, make all the changes you want to the information in the left-hand section, whether to day name, any times, or whatever you want to change.  Then, click on the "Change Schedule" button at the bottom of the form.  This will apply all your changes at once.  If one of your changes will not work, you will see an error alert and none of the changes will be applied.  Any error alert will describe the specific problem so you can adjust your edits.

Rescheduling A Convention Day

If a day has Day parts for event scheduling, those will appear in the right half of the edit page.

If you want to shorten the day's schedule times, you'll need to first delete a day part from one end of the day's schedule or the other. Then you'll be able to set new schedule times to match the new day length. 

If you wish to lengthen your schedule, do that first by editing the schedule times.  If you want to extend the event schedule times beyond the current range of the day's start and end times, you must first edit those times, because the event schedule times must be within those times' range.

Editing an "Organizer" Day

Organizer days will not display the event schedule times that Events days do:

Event Time Slots

Click the "Time Slots" button next to any Day Part in order to view the status of all the time slots available for scheduling within that Day Part.

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